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I don’t want to have a haircut !!!!!!!!!!!
I am afraid.Tima, 3 years.

I'm not going to a barbershop! My mother promised me 2 kinders, but she’d bought just 1.Misha 4 years.

Don’t cut my hair!!!!!!!
Just comb them.Kathy 3,5 years.

I didn’t want to go to a salon and my father shouted me. I never go there!!!!Mark 5 years.

The lady covered me with a blanket.
I’d cried.Nastia 4 years.

This is a few fears that children have, but there are much more. We, as parents, need understand them not just offend.

Several advices for parents:

  • Don’t accentuate that you go to a salon.
  • Take spare clothes with you.
  • Don’t forget several favourite toys of your child.

If you have questions, please send them to me. I’ll try to answer.
With my respect, Igor Didenko.